Why New Year’s Resolutions Matter

new-year-resolutionSo here I sit on January 2nd, trying to figure out whether I should bother with a New Year’s resolution since I have never made one before that has lasted 365 days. But then it dawns on me that making a resolution has nothing to do with the length of time that it lasts. It has more to do with the moment of introspection that prompts the idea that perhaps a resolution is in order.

For some of you 2015 was a banner year and you may not have anything of importance to resolve.   For me, 2015 was a little bumpy. So during the young hours of this New Year I decided to make a few resolutions – some serious and others not. But at least this will give me a starting point.

For the not-so-serious, I bought a hair color kit from the drugstore and got the grey out of my hair. Now feeling like someone I recognized, I then pulled the scissors out of the drawer and cut off four inches.   I am a surgeon by training, so making sharp cuts and following the waves of my hair was not so difficult. I like what I have created. I’ll have to wait to see if my hairdresser shares the same enthusiasm.

Now for the more serious stuff. I have promised myself some more time for me. That means more time for reading and being with people who bring me joy and value.   I will not be afraid to decline invitations to places I really don’t want to go. Length of time on earth is a little like the length of my hair…. I have some control but it is elusive.   But the quality of my time…. that is something I can control and I am putting that front and center.

So I’ll check back with you in a few months with a grade card. In the meantime, let’s see how long it takes for my hair to grow out.

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