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Nothing in the world seems to be going quite right now. We are all sitting home, trying to stay engaged in the most artificial ways, and yet, everywhere around us there are tiny signs that while we struggle and Mother Nature may be tossing us hither and yond in a viral whirlwind, the beauty of the world as we know it is still here. I live in Montana, so I can still socially isolate while taking a drive or a long walk. I probably notice more things today than I would have a month ago and yesterday was a perfect example. A mile down the road, a glistening calf, still wet from its mother’s amnion, was taking unsteady but purposeful steps. I had to stop and take in the moment. Then I looked at the sky, and the clouds and the Crazy Mountains and for that perfect moment all seemed right with the world I grieve for the families who have lost friends and family to COVID-19 and I worry about my comrades on the front lines. I fear the worst is yet to come but I remain hopeful that we will exit this pandemic stronger and kinder and more cognizant of the good things that connect us. The sweetness of the world is waiting.