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I can’t believe it has been two months since my last blog. At that time my father in-law had just died of COVID and Montana was in the virus’s crosshairs. Since then, it seems like the daily reports are always about too many people infected, not enough tests, and lines all going in the wrong trajectories. But for all the frightening reports there are some glimmers of hope.  

With Fall upon us, in my small town there was an upswing of people starting to take the science seriously. This was no longer a case of New York and New Jersey being on the brink of destruction. Now we all had multiple friends who have become ill and at least one or two people who have died. Now someone else’s problem was on our front step. And we confronted it straight on. Small merchants implored citizens to honor mask policies, the restaurants and bars limited their seating and people have kept their distance. We have had an ugly month but we are flattening the curve as I write this. 

And with 2021 around the corner, I know I speak for so many health care providers, small business owners, and citizens when I tell you how excited I am to get this vaccine. I believe the data. I believe in science. I have seen the carnage of  COVID. And I am ready for this virus to get knocked out.