When the Mighty are Stricken

Americans were shocked yesterday to hear of John McCain’s recent challenge – a malignant brain tumor known as a glioblastoma. When I heard that McCain had a brain tumor I suspected that he had a spread of the malignant melanoma that has plagued him for the last decade, requiring multiple surgeries and removal of his […]

The Statistics Of Caregiving

A year after my parents moved from Fort Wayne, Indiana to live near me in Princeton, NJ, I became of almost 44 million American adults caring for an older friend or family member. Statistics show that caregivers tending to patients who are loved ones add an average of 20 hours a week to an already […]

My Life As A Caregiver

‘When my father fell ill, I put my own life and health on hold to save his. It wasn’t easy’ Nine years ago my siblings and I decided it was time for our parents to live closer to family. So at the ages of 80 and 84, my parents moved from Fort Wayne, Indiana, where I […]