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Speaker, Moderator, Expert and Panelist

Pioneered Women’s Health reporting in the 1980s and one of the most outspoken physicians on the topic today.

Leading voice in the complex and emotionally charged arena of End of Life planning.


Thank you so very much for the incredible job you did last night. You truly were magnificent. We are receiving many rave reviews about the event in general, and about you in particular. Please know that your participation was instrumental to the overall success of the evening. CG

Just wanted to let you know how thrilled we all are with today’s program. Nancy was amazing in every way – Smart, sweet, warm, articulate, natural, eloquent – everything we could have wanted. She described her experience in Haiti in the most moving way. She also addressed issues of women’s health care in a serious, smart, informed, complex manner. CD

Please, please, please, pass along to Nancy that she was LOVED by the audience. Everyone RAVED about her and how great her presentation was. TF

Your contribution to the event was truly outstanding and appreciated by each of the awardees, by all the attendees and, especially, by me.  You brought grace, poise and professionalism to the evening, setting the perfect tone for the occasion.  I was personally very pleased with the outcome of the event and am extraordinarily grateful to you for your phenomenal contribution to the program and the evening. JL